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Throat hits...

After trying many different brands/flavors of snuff and different methods listed on here by members, throat drip has almost completely stopped but I'm still getting snuff straight to the throat most of the time. Seems like it makes no difference whether pinching, boxcar, back of hand, or bullet.

I did notice after one pinch to each nostril, the second (and sometimes third) pinch gets almost no snuff to the throat.

Any advice, tips, help would be much appreciated!


  • FretlessFretless Posts: 107
    Sounds like you're sniffing way too hard.

    snuff should only be lifted gently into the front, soft part of the nose.

    Forgive the following analogy, but, if it's going further than you can get a finger when you try to pick your nose, you're "snorting" it far too hard.

    For those familiar with less legal nasal powders, there is a whole world of difference between taking snuff correctly and snorting things like cocaine!

    That said, on occasions when you may have a slight cold or hay fever, it's not unreasonable to fine a small amount occasionally in nasal mucus that may find its way down the tubes to the mouth/throat - but this should be the exception rather than the "norm".

    Also - the dryer the snuff, the lighter the correspondingly appropriate sniff.

    Think of gently lifting it into the nose, rather than performing the task of some facial vacuum cleaner!
  • normfethnormfeth Posts: 7
    @ Fretless...thank you for your insight. Also experimented with different sniffing pressure (from short, swift sniffs to so gentile it takes 4 sniffs for a single small pinch), different starting distance when taking a pinch, blocking nostrils, and every different type of facial contortion.

    Wondering if it has possibly something to do with the anatomy of my nose...?
    Just throwing out different possibilities, looking for tips from anyone that had trouble with this themselves.
  • BartBart Posts: 1,480
    For me, it's kind of like priming a motor. The first hit of the morning is sometimes harsh to get going. Then I follow up within another fairly quick..and then you're in the groove. I do like the thumb nail method for most snuff. Main thing is...don't give up.
  • fbones24fbones24 Posts: 222
    I have a similar issue with fine, dry snuffs. Even if I place the snuff in my nose, it still hits my throat. I notice this with Dragun and some Toasts. I place the snuff on my finger tips and rub it on the inside of my nose. I then pinch and breathe out hard. As soon as I breathe in after, it hits my throat. I am starting to think it is the anatomy of my nose also?
  • normfethnormfeth Posts: 7
    I have been experimenting between different types of snuff and pinching/boxcar method as they both seem to work the best.

    @ Bart...sounds like me, also. No intention of giving up! Very enjoyable habit, even more enjoyable that a good pipe.

    I'm sure with time comes perfection.
  • 3_D3_D Posts: 221
    I've had some luck with this method that I saw mentioned somewhere on this site. Bring the pinch up to the nostril and allow the 2 fingers to block the inlet of air, as you sniff, open the pinch slightly to control the air flow in. This gives you another means of control, you can sniff fairly hard but allow little air to pass, or open the pinch and sniff very lightly.
  • Firestarter0Firestarter0 Posts: 1,805
    i know my nose doesnt help me (deviated septum- one nostril is huge and loves snuff other one is tiny and scarred/lumpy and this seems to channel the snuff straight to my throat with even the slightest sniffs).

    i find off the back of my hand, using the lightest of sniffs while at the same time sortof pushing my nose forward/down towards the lip(idk how to describe haha, maybe narrowing nostrils) with facial muscles, or flaring nostrils slightly works (the sniff is so light its almost just a product of the flaring rather than an active sniff).

    also, you know the way you can close the back of your mouth while your mouth is open to breathe through your nose? that seems to help. also i like taking a deep breath, exhaling fully, then snuffing. breathe back in through mouth after, then out through nose, repeat as you feel necessary.

    im tired, so forgive me for lack of sense haha, hope its helpful. i use these for fine like scotches.
  • 3_D3_D Posts: 221
    Ya I always cough for a while when I get a new Indian snuff. I'm not making a case for smoking, but I've wondered if snuff in the lungs is any better than smoke I'm inclined to believe it is.
  • linguistlinguist Posts: 269
    on youtube there are many snuff taking/reviews vids. Maybe watching them can improve your technique.
  • bigmickbigmick Posts: 1,206
    Move your tongue to different positions in your mouth. I found that touching the roof of my mouth while sniffing gives me much less snuff in my throat. Only took me 3 years to figure it out.
  • It may be a moisture issue in your nose, Try wetting your fingers with water and moisten your nose by snuffing the drop lets ,dry fingers and use your throat hitting snuff. This may help- report back.
  • crullerscrullers Posts: 894
    Practice. The method @3_D mentioned works best for me although one still occasionally gets me in the throat. It keeps me humble.
  • Chef_DeanChef_Dean Posts: 2,080
    Try bigger pinches. When you get throat hits you tend to hold back on the portion. Be bold! Big portions are less likely to get jet streamed further back.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Posts: 3,224
    The title of this thread is worthy of the out of context page ;))
  • KebAMPKebAMP Posts: 212
    I am with @Juxtaposer. There is a straight hole going on from your nostril all the way to your throath and there is no way to make so tiny particles stop suddenly on their way. The more you snuff, the more your nose will get blocked, and the more pressure you will need to lift the snuff. In the morning your nose is likely to be clear and special care is needed. As you are snuffing your way throughout the day, some inflamation takes place in your nose I believe as a normal reaction/protection, then you don't need to take as much precautions. In the evening, most of the time my nose is completely stuffed at least on one side and then I switch to oral tobacco.

    So in conclusion, as I see this, "training" is done almost exclusively *inside* your nose, it has not much to do with the technique used.
  • fbones24fbones24 Posts: 222

    It may be a moisture issue in your nose, Try wetting your fingers with water and moisten your nose by snuffing the drop lets ,dry fingers and use your throat hitting snuff. This may help- report back.

    Thank you! I can now fully enjoy Dragun!! I tried this previously, but for some reason, using more moisture up front really works.

  • The method I use for fine, light stuff (such as the Tube Rose and Hiney Bee my friend brought back from Americy) is one that was suggested here somewhere, and it works - breathe in until your lungs are full, keep that air in, then try a pinch/boxcar of snuff. The tiny bit of air you can inhale isn't enough to pull the snuff very far, and it stays in the nose.

    Works for me, anyway.
  • apvonkanelapvonkanel Posts: 101
    Hiney bee... giggle. A bee that only stings you in the hiney.
  • bobbob Posts: 6,775

    The method I use for fine, light stuff (such as the Tube Rose and Hiney Bee my friend brought back from Americy) is one that was suggested here somewhere, and it works - breathe in until your lungs are full, keep that air in, then try a pinch/boxcar of snuff. The tiny bit of air you can inhale isn't enough to pull the snuff very far, and it stays in the nose.

    Works for me, anyway.

    Oh and like I've said before the airpressure diffrence in the lungs makes it harder for things to get in.

  • snuffskisnuffski Posts: 114
    After a couple of weeks of experimenting, and in spite of the fact that I was reluctant to adopt this method, I have determined that off the back of the hand is by far the best way for me to take snuff. Less mess, less throat hit, generally hitting the right spot in the nose all round, and easier to take a larger amount. I am surprised that this has turned out to be the case, but it really seems to be the best way for me.
  • fbones24fbones24 Posts: 222
    I'm slowly transitioning to using my spoon instead of pinching and I"m finding it much more efficient and effective.
    @fbones24....Yup.. I spoon 90 % or more predominantly
    616 x 720 - 158K
  • WelblaudWelblaud Posts: 42
    I have to agree with Juxtaposer. I patiently try to be comfortable with more powdery and dried snuffs. It is less and less 'hitting' but I can feel my throat slightly expectorating then. Is it a common thing?
  • horus92horus92 Posts: 1,074
    edited June 2013
    @Welblaud I'd say it's fairly normal, I mean I don't think many of us can take Dholakia White without at least feeling a fair tingle in the throat, and I usually cough somewhat. Dogwalla taught a good method which is to inhale with your mouth not with your lungs. Which means you don't sniff, you just close your mouth, then part your teeth with your lips still sealed, like you're trying to suppress a yawn sort of; this creates a very light vacuum.
  • md363md363 Posts: 1,148
    I use a makeshift spoon, I bought a cheap dollar store pair of over-the-ear headphones and broke off the plastic part--anyway, to summarize, I made a scoop out of the plastic on the headphones that is probably a tiny bit bigger than a snuff spoon and most times when I use it I get snuff instantly to the back of my throat. When I pinch it almost never happens. I guess it depends on the person, how hard they sniff and the type of snuff.
  • VostokVostok Posts: 192
    I've been reading a lot of the "technique" discussions because this week especially, I've encountered an issue. I really like SP's, but they and most other snuffs are starting to behave just like the very finely-ground Indian snuffs I use - right nostril ok, good burn, nice hit; left nostril - straight into the throat or lungs. I've only just read about plugging, so I'm gonna give that a go with 6 Photo Natural which nearly killed me the other day and all the advice about bigger pinches, holding nose further away from hand etc, haven't made any difference. I've switched to using Poschl's at the moment and heavier Indian snuffs cos it doesn't happen with them, but it's really frustrating - a friend recently sent me a parcel full of snuffs from India, all of which look very fine and light; I would hate to think of his generosity as having gone to waste due to me not being able to use them. I wondered if it was anything to do with an accident I had as a kid, when I smacked my nose off a desk at school - there's a slight bulge/crookedness to my nose (which is only really noticable to me) that I've had ever since. Strange that it's only started to affect me this week really though. Any advice would be welcome......
  • Firestarter0Firestarter0 Posts: 1,805
    edited October 2013
    @vostok- i have the same problem, got into a fight a few years ago, before my snuffing time, so ive never known the joy of snuffing with a perfect nose. my septum is caved in, big cavernous space right hand side, and the left side (which gives me problems) sticks out into the nostril, with a lump on it of what seems like scar tissue that gets damaged easily, i get nosebleeds really easily that side, and snuff seems to just fly up it most of the time, maybe from dodgy pressure. i dont really have much advice for it... except i read a tip somewhere about moistening the inside of nostrils by sticking a wet finger or cooled boiled water nasal spray up there pre snuff that seems to work. it just makes the snuff more likely to stick.
  • VostokVostok Posts: 192
    Thanks! Just gave the plugging technique a go with 6P Medicated No6 and bingo!-problem nearly completely eradicated! Really good nic too, so I had to do some more just to make sure, then a bit more, then swapped to 6P Natural (my bugbear) and it worked - nearly! Just a few techinical issues to iron out; I've learned it's best if I don't breath in immediately after removing the thumb that's plugged my nostril, but pinch my nose first instead. Seems to do the trick.
  • GrimGrim Posts: 289
    I have the same issue but I just came to terms with the fact that there will be some snuffs that will hit the back of the throat regardless.

    I do agree about wetting the inside of your nose first.

    I am sure most of you all, if not all, can tell when your nose is dry. I usually will just blow my nose first, or do like mentioned above and wet it with some water. Once the nose starts to run from using snuff it seems like the rest of the time using is easy. But yes, I still get snuff in my throat at times and I have just gotten use to it. Now the times I snuff too hard and start coughing, that still sucks.
  • stop snorting snuff! Just stick the snuff close to your nose and breath shallowly look down and it is gone.
  • Skell18Skell18 Posts: 2,162
    edited October 2013
    I agree with @basement_shaman don't snort it, hard at first but you get the hang on it, shallow breaths is all it takes. Also closing off your throat when snuffing is easier than it sounds, just drop your lower jaw down with your mouth closed (like opening your mouth without opening your lips) and you can snuff with the best of them, thats what I do.
  • VostokVostok Posts: 192
    Thanks for the advice guys, although in my own defence I have to say I've not been snorting snuff - my usual technique is to sniff from the anatomical snuffbox or a boxcar in the manner described by @Skell18. But plugging does seem to help a lot with the finer stuff, so I'll keep at it.
  • I too find the "jaw dropping"-technique very useful!
  • SnuffH3adSnuffH3ad Posts: 236
    Practice, practice, and more practice!!

    I have been snuffing for some while now and now figured out how to regulated my snuffing so very little powder hits the throat. I don't believe that I will ever completely eliminate a throat hit, but it does get better over time.

    When you are prepared to snuff, remember to sniff gently with the mouth, and regulate the pressure by distancing your back of hand to the nose. Just be comfortable.

  • I use the pinch method for this reason...when I bring the pinch to my nose I keep my fingers together and rub them together whilst lightly sniffing. This method has stopped most of the Throat Hits. The pinch is nt flying into your nose all at once so I think that helps.
  • Mario84Mario84 Posts: 190
    I'm very new to this, but for me it's an attitude adjustment which seems to change the experience. Like someone said up here, "just be bold about it". If you are anxiously expecting a throat hit it will irritate you more and trigger a cough easier - or so it seems anyway. The same way you pull yourself together for a shot of whiskey. When I go for a snuff with a bit more gusto and natural flow it seems to work better. You'll get some in your throat, but you can clench your throat, swallow some spit, clear your throat, things like that to sort of wipe the irritation out of the way. Also I tried "blocking off the throat with your tongue" technique as somewhere here mentioned just now, and that seemed to work wonders as well actually.
    I anticipate I will only get more used to it as well.
  • 50ft_trad50ft_trad Posts: 1,122
    edited November 2013
    ... and so will your nose. Check out this thread < CLICKY > for my perspective
  • These guys are doing some brutal snuff. Have a friend blow it up your nose? This is the messy way. They could benefit with a handkerchief.

    Do not try this without supervision with an experienced sober adult guide!
    Warning this snuff is made with slaked lime and instantaneously hallucinogenic.
    As you can tell in the video this is not a party drug. It is a key "Entheogen" for passage to the spiritual realm.
  • lunecatlunecat Posts: 11,302
    ^^^ The don't call you "Shaman" for nothing @basement_shaman
  • Mario84Mario84 Posts: 190
    Yeah this is not exactly the method the imperialist Europeans picked up, haha xD
    Usually the shamans of the rainforest used the much stronger Nicotiana rustica though, right? Regular snuff being based on N. tobaccum... And ofcourse the dosages were to completely transcend the normal mental state of being anyway. I'm not sure I would dare that with nicotine. Just seems a bit brutal.
    Anyway, absolutely wonderful and fascinating. We could learn a thing or two from those masters of spirit and jungle...
  • agentshagsagentshags Posts: 129
    edited November 2013
    I have that video, lol.

    'Mondo Magic' is the American title.
  • fbones24 said:

    I'm slowly transitioning to using my spoon instead of pinching and I"m finding it much more efficient and effective.

    I love my spoon and vial; until I dropped it and broke it. The spoon allowed me to start off with smaller amounts when I was first beginning to snuff, which allowed me to get the technique down without the harsh repercussions of combining bad form with large amounts of snuff. I find it very handy for the drier snuffs as well.

  • ramblerrambler Posts: 4
    edited March 19
    I use a spoon and have found that scrunching my face up slightly, as if I'm smelling something unpleasant, seems to restrict the flow of air near the top of my nose, thus preventing it from passing directly to my throat. I figured this out after getting a substantial amount of Lundy Foot into my throat on every attempt. It might look funny to outside observers, but I've found it quite effective so far. Oh, and I only do this with fine and dry snuffs; most others go up fine with short sharp inhalations and a bit of caution.
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