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HELLO ALL -- From the land of White Elephant Snuff

LivemydreamsLivemydreams Posts: 19
edited December 2010 in General
Hello All

How are you all ?

I am new here and a been on snuff for dogged years.

I am sixty, retired and live in India.

I am into Indian Snuff only. My favorite is Madras Snuff which is pure tobacco, smells tobacco and tastes tobacco.

This is strong stuff. You hit the roof after inhaling it.

I can see that one of the hot topic of discussion here is the most sough after and the most Elusive White Elephant Snuff from India.

This is great snuff but prohibitively priced. For the benefit of our members here I can send you the White elephant in small quantities...say two tins per package

It will be moderately priced compared to the prices anywhere else, I can ship the tins directly to you from India.

Please contact me for your requirements
1280 x 960 - 522K
1280 x 960 - 516K


  • khalidkhalid Posts: 366
    edited December 2010
    Hello, I think I may be interested in your kind offer, I would though like some indication of price including shipping to the U.K and what payment method you propose.

    On another note, the world of Indian snuffs is still mostly obscure from my vantage point and I would love to read any reviews you might write of Indian snuff that I may not have come across.
  • I would second a request to try and see the world of Indian snuffs opened up some more. We only see a handful of Indian snuffs, and there are tons of different brands and flavours.
  • ddavelarsenddavelarsen Posts: 593
    edited December 2010
    I would definitely be interested in a white elephant purchase! Please let me know your price and how to pay you.

    And welcome!
  • khalidkhalid Posts: 366
    The Madras snuff you mention, there seem to be a number of manufacturers who have a madras snuff, which one are you referring to?
  • Khalid
    The one and the only ORIGINAL Madras Snuff is TAS Rathnam Madras Snuff. This is by far the oldest snuff manufacturers......over 115 yrs old.
  • khalidkhalid Posts: 366
    @livemydreams I have seen this one mentioned a few times on this forum with very favorable reviews. I often find snuff for sale in Indian Grocers here in London, I will remember to keep my eye out for this one.
  • tom502tom502 Posts: 2,520
    I found Madras Snuff at my local Indian Grocery.
  • I do like that TAS Rathnam Madras Snuff.
  • @Livemydreams: There's more than one TAS Madras though, and unfortunately it can be pretty hard to distinguish between which one is meant online. Xander can tell you, I've got on that has only small external differences in packaging, but tastes a fair bit different from another TAS Madras.
  • Look for TAS Rathnam Madras Snuff manufactured by Jayaram Rathnakumar.

    Thats the original Madras Snuff. All the others are clones/duplicates
  • XanderXander Posts: 7,382
    Jayaram & Rathnakumar is the brand that tom502 sourced local to him.
    Shree Arumugam Ramamurthy is the brand shikitohno found, although it also says T.A.S. Rathnam Brothers on the label.
    The trademarks are very similar. There would probably be a legal fight over the trademark if they were both based in this country.
    Both are clearly the same style of snuff, but are also slightly different, just as scotch snuffs are different from each other.
  • tom502tom502 Posts: 2,520
    While I don't dislike the Madras, I prefer the scented balanced mentholated medium grind snuffs, like 5 Photo Himalaya, Super, and Special.
  • LivemydreamsLivemydreams Posts: 19
    edited December 2010
    TAS RATHNAKUMAR and TAS ARUMUGHAM are brothers. Ratnam inherited his fathers legacy while the younger son used his name ARUMUGAM with the TAS brand

    That's the story for you in concised form.

  • XanderXander Posts: 7,382
    edited December 2010
    Well, that makes sense, since in England there are two Wilson companies and two Gawith companies which both owe themselves to a brother striking out on his own.
  • Hi tom502

    Snuff is best in it's original form and taste. All others are only commercially inclined.

    There is no better experience than snuffing tobacco as it is meant to be. Flavored snuff is

    adulterated and not natural.....believe me !!!!

    Go for the original taste............not the commercially marketed cheap stuff

    Learn to adapt with the nature and you will be hooooooooked.

  • Anyone know where I can purchase Madras snuff in smaller quantities, online...can only find sources for bulk...thanks!
  • street carpstreet carp Posts: 155
    edited December 2010
    @Livemydreams: I beg to differ that flavoured snuff is in some way inferior to plain tobacco snuff. The grandfather of modern snuffs as we know it, SP, is a flavoured snuff. As for flavoured snuffs being "commerically inclined" I can't help but wonder if you are delusional, ignorant or on Jayaram Rathnakumar's payroll perhaps? Snuff is an industry, therefore every snuff that is manufactured, packaged and sold for profit is "commercially inclined" and that included the Madras snuff you are so fond of.

    I really don't see or understand your correlation between flavour and commercial virtue.
  • XanderXander Posts: 7,382
    edited December 2010
    @street carp: Don't forget there is a language-cultural barrier here. Perhaps he meant "mass marketed"

    Also SPs can be unflavored, such as J&H Wilson Top Mill No. 1.
  • street carp.....I can understand.

    But you must agree snuff was originally used without any flavorings or add-ons. Therefore when I say it is best in its original form I am only implying that it is best enjoyed the way nature made its flavor and smell. After all flavors were introduced to give variations and choices to the consumers.

    For your information Jayaram Rathnakumar also make flavored snuff like Rose, Clarified Butter and Cinnamon flavors to name a few. And sorry......I am a poor old retired pensioner and not in anyones parole.....let alone Jay-Rath..

    Kindly erase the phrase "commercially inclined" from my post. That was a wrong phrase and I apologize for it. You are right with your comments on that.
  • MenmaMenma Posts: 73
    edited December 2010
    Well, I understand @Livemydreams . To me the smell of any kind of tobacco (withoud added flavorings) is utterly delicious, but there are many other smells I love too, and being able to enjoy them along with tobacco makes snuff much more interesting.
    Also, I think @Livemydreams has not tried snuff flavored with totally natural ingredients (although I don't believe the other snuff Jayaram Rathnakumar makes has nonnatural flavorings), and that's why he sees flavored snuff as adulterated and not natural.

    By the way, no snuff can be purely "natural", because to make snuff the tobacco has to be at least dried, probably cured, and ground.
    If choosing different types of tobacco (created by selecting strains and growing them with various methods), curing it (which can be done in many different ways) to create lots of interesting aromas, drying and probably roasting it (also possible in not a single way), and grinding (with varying levels of coarseness) is natural, why is adding flowers, herbs, fruits or whatever you want in a few steps of the process not natural too?

    @Livemydreams , adapting to nature is a very good thing to do, but nature is too big to be limited to a few things, and don't forget that we are natural beings too, and anything we make is indeed natural.

    Anyways, having an expert in tobacco flavored snuff around here is great, and even more if he's from India, specially if he's so kind as to help us get new snuff (because that means he's got the family spirit of this house), so I'm glad to have you with us, @Livemydreams .
  • @Menma, thanks for another interesting look at snuff. I'm still learning about it only
    being a few months in.
  • MenmaMenma Posts: 73
    edited December 2010
    @EricHill78, you're welcome, but I only said things I've learned around here, and don't worry, you know everything you need to be a proud member of Snuffhouse.
    I probably need to learn a lot more than you do, as I still can't even order snuff on my own LMAO
  • Has anyone received their shipment, yet?
  • Mine was sent yesterday, so I hope to get it within two weeks (holiday delays).
  • @jbfanins

    Thanks for the concern

    MikeR got his yesterday.

    The second shipment left on 12/12 which means it will reach the user before 27th.

    Patience my friend......they will all get their's soon.

    Holiday rush is the cog in the wheel for the delay actually.

  • Yes, I only just got my order in so I'm settling in for a patient wait. I have an order that usually arrives in a week that's now at 11 days since shipping, so I do believe the holiday rush is taking its toll. I hope that one arrives today (like I have been every day... :) )
  • LivemydreamsLivemydreams Posts: 19
    edited December 2010

    You will get your WE.....possibly before the year ends

    Patience is the first law of nature........or the holiday rush, I suppose

    Bide by time friend


  • Some tins of 41 Elephant Indian Snuff waiting to be grabbed

    Anyone interested ??


  • When I get my tin if I like the snuff and you have any left I would buy at least 1-2 more.
  • I was thinking the same thing! I think they'll be sold easily Vijay. :D
  • Damn! That was fast than expected, got it today. This stuff is strong as hell, finer than baby powder though. Pretty good stuff.
  • Gentlemen

    I have shipped WE's to every one who ordered and sent a confirmation shipping receipts to all.

    Please let me know if you have received your's about time.

    Those of you who need a tin or two can can contact me. It's $15.00 a tin shipped.



  • Haven't gotten mine yet but I'm hopeful. I think there will be mail delivery today, maybe it'll come in this batch. The postman has gotten in the habit of dropping a dog treat in the slot with our mail, and Lucy has learned to tell time somehow because she always starts getting excited about 15 minutes before the mail delivery arrives. She starts whining and standing at the door, waiting for her treat. Well, now I know how she feels!
  • I got mine today. Thank you
  • THANKS Premium Parrot for the confirmation of receipt.

    Relieved !!!

  • SnuffSnifferSnuffSniffer Posts: 623
    edited June 2012
    Got mine today, thanks Vijay :-)

  • GeorgeGeorge Posts: 24

    I am not familiar with White Elephant.. Sounds like something very special..


    Can you please send me a message through the forums messaging system for you PayPal email address? If that is how you are accepting the 15.00 ?

    Would also like to hear from those who have received some as to how you like it..

    Vijay.. What is in White Elephant ?

  • transistortransistor Posts: 1,158
    I have about 25g or so of WE
    It's okay but I like GOLD LABEL from WOS more!!!

  • abelabel Posts: 1
    I am newly ny 1 here from India or Livemydream I want to try your Madras Snuff , pure tobacco and pure Nicotine,and try also white Dholakia snuff with its pure strong nicotine,any 1 from India can here can ship an order to NZ
  • horus92horus92 Posts: 1,077
    edited May 2013
    @abel Mistersnuff has White Elephant for sale right now, no Madras though afaik.
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