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  • Re: What Are You Eating?

    Fried undeveloped Chicken embryos and thick sliced pork bellies with toast and Percolated ground beans from colombia.
  • Re: Toque Bullets

    If you search "pimp my bullet" there are lots of posts on how to do this but, the best tip came from a snuffhouse member. They simply held their thumb over the dispensing end and kept turning the filling chamber until they had a big pile of snuff behind their thumb, put it to their nose and snuffed.
  • Re: What's In Your Mailbox #4

    After a quite long time without taking part on this forum because I didn't have anything interesting to say, a package full of very interesting things to say arrived from England just in time for Christmas!
    Its actual contents were:

    ·3 25 gr tins of Viking Dark, now my official everyday snuff
    ·1 25 gr tin of Viking Spear: at least, a spearmint snuff I can actually tolerate! Seems to be the same flour of Viking Dark with very nice and refreshing spearmint snuff: it has an almost lavendery undertone (perhaps lavender itself) that increases itssoothing effect.
    ·1 25 gr tin of Celtic Talisman, faithful to the pipe tobacco but more nuanced and less piquant (comparing nose to mouth feels).
    ·1 25 gr tin of SG Irish D Light, a very nice toast (more flavour than texture wise).
    ·1 25 gr tin of SG Elmo's Reserve, I've still not tried it thoroughly. Lots of tonka bean scent and a little bit too coarse, but very nice and high quality tobacco.
    ·1 large tin of Dholakia White: nice and strong, perhaps not as strong as Cheetah but the different smell and slightly different grind justify the purchase.
    ·1 25 gr tin of SG KB Original: I didn't expect it to have a so pronounced sour orange smell. I don't know how to feel about this real classic, but it is distinctive for sure.

    Anyway, my high hopes about SG being a quality brand were met and exceeded.

    Thanks to everyone writing in these forums, as my orders are composed primarily according to the distilled knowledge acquired here.
  • Re: What's in Your Nose? #12

    F&T HDT
  • Re: What's in Your Nose? #12

    Bernard Civette Extrafein

    My friends and I refer to these fancy non-schmalzer German-made snuffs as "old book snuff" because they all smell like old books.
  • Historical Recreations

    I am fairly new to snuff and these past days I have been compiling some suggestions for historical recreations that are scattered through the pages of this great forum. I thought it would be a good idea to share my list. I intend to try them in the coming months. This recipes are not mine. Thanks to all the great posters and researchers that came up with these. In recipes with the * symbol, the proportions are my guess.

    Princes Mixture*: Wilsons Princes 80% + Toque Rose 20%
    Café Royale: Tia Maria 50% + Gawith's Black Coffee 50%
    Bordeaux (old style): Wilsons Princes 80% + Wilsons Tom Buck/Queen 20%
    Asthoroth*: De Kralingse Latakia AO 1860 80% + Wilsons Jasmine 20%

    Spanish Jewel* (components suggested by Roderick):

    70% Toque Spanish Gem
    20% Toque Cheese and Bacon
    10% Toque Rustica

    Alternative Spanish Jewel Indian Style*:

    70% Toque Spanish Gem
    20% Toque Cheese and Bacon
    10% Dholakia Black
  • Re: What's in Your Nose? #12

    A bit more Old Mill Solstice 2014 to keep the day on an even keel.....
  • Re: What's In Your Mailbox #4

    A Christmas present to myself.

    "Remembered for a while" - A book about Nick Drake, just had a flick through & it is really good, with lots of life story facts, the words to his songs with pics of the original hand written lyrics & many stories about Nick's life, some by his sister Gabrielle. The story behind the "blanket" picture use on the Pink Moon Album cover and lots more...

    Not bad 450 pages, hardback delivered for £23.30 from an Amazon Seller, but the info, stories & pics are worth much more. Nick is such an interesting character & his music means so many different things to different people... that is why it will last forever.
  • Re: What's in Your Nose? #12

    Toque Whiskey & Honey
  • Re: What's in Your Nose? #12

    Toque Whisky & Honey