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  • What's in Your Nose? #12

    Wos Irish toast no 22
  • What's in Your Nose? #12

    Whiskey & Honey
  • Resignation

    You don't resign. You cool off for a bit and come back. But more importantly you don't let the things people say on the internetz drive you away. Besides, you're a valued member.
  • Festiwal Tradycji Kaszubskich - Mistrzostwa w zażywaniu tabaki (Kashubian Tradition Fest)

    Festiwal Tradycji Kaszubskich took place at 27.07.2014 in Chmielno, Poland. It is an annually event, which main goal is to promote taking snuff and kashubian folklore. Whoever is above eighteen is able to participate in the Snufftaking Championship. It is very different from those cups known from Germany - competitors do not race who takes more snuff, but they have to present themselves. Outfit, short speech and tout ensemble are judged.

    On this day you can buy there homemade snuff and homemade snuffboxes made out of cow's horns.

    Mr Turzyński's snuffboxes:

    Making "Od Mistrza" snuff:


    image - giant snuff-box

    Snuffs I bought and three horn snuffboxes - two mines, and my Girlfriend's one.
    Od Mistrza Sosnowa (pine), Od Mistrza Śliwkowa (plum), Od Mistrza Bursztynowa (amber), Truskawkowa (Strawberry), Cytrynowa (lemon), Wesoła (happy one). Later I bought also Rybacka (Fisherman's).


    Andrzej Olszewski - winner:

    From the left: Second place (Tadeusz Makowski), First place (Andrzej Olszewski), Third place (Genowefa Czech). Yes - this big head-shaped staff is also a snuff box!


    Beating the record in taking snuff by the largest number of people at the same time; unfortunatelly, we haven't beaten the record from 2009 (2271 people taking snuff simultaneously). Firemen were the ones who were sharing snuff.

    (some photos are mine, some from the net)
  • What's in Your Nose? #12

    Just opened my first Toque whiskey & honey. This is a fantastic snuff!
  • Introduce yourself

    Good afternoon (evening, morning, etc)! My name is Michael. I serve in the U.S. Army. I repair the OH-58D(R) Kiowa Warrior. I'm relatively new to snuff, having only taken it on a few occasions. I ordered the 10 for the price of 9 10g tin special from Toque. I'm anxious for it to arrive. I've only tried one flavor of snuff, it being raspberry menthol. I don't know who the manufacturer is though. Funny story, I tried snuff for the first time in the barracks during training. This is strictly prohibited in Army barracks. Got my kicks off doing the wrong thing LOL. I enjoyed it immensely however. About a week ago I decided to research it and made the decision to order some. Here's hoping to a wonderful new hobby to enjoy.
  • Review: SWS St James Parish Blend

    Well, I can finally review it. And what a snuff it is. I have not had the pleasure with "high end" snuffs yet but I had to give this one a try. It is a Virginia blend with some Rustica and the very special ingredient: Perique. I can safely say, without the announcement of this snuff it would have been a while longer before I bought any Walter Scott's. But as it is, I don't regret it. The price is high, compared to other snuffs but such is life and you absolutely get what you pay for.

    But back to the actual product. When I open the tin, I find a nice, dry, medium brown snuff. And I mean dry. But that should not be an issue. It is mostly fine but there are some slightly coarse bits which are light brown. When I smell it out of the tin, I get very excited. Perique needs to be used sparingly, much like a spice rather than a main ingredient. Trying to snuff or smoke pure Perique will not be a great experience, it is a mix tobacco.This snuff gets the mixture exactly right. I remember this scent from various pipe tobaccos that I used to smoke years ago. I have seen people describe it as fruity or earthy. That may be right, but I'm going one step further and call it sweet and sour like a smelly pair of socks. Does that sound repulsive? It isn't, not in the slightest.

    The dryness gives it a good burn in the nose and I have to admit that it even clogs mine up, but that doesn't stop me. I have also noticed that I need to sit up when I enjoy it, not lie down, because it can cause a minute but unpleasant throat drip. The flavour in the nose is very "perique", which I'm especially happy about. Too many snuffs smell great in the tin and don't leave much flavour in the nose. This one is great in that regard. As a matter of fact natural blends seem to stay in my nose longer than others. Perhaps that is why I love schmalzlers so much. With this snuff I have two choices. Either I keep adding another pinch every twenty or so minutes or I squeeze and wiggle my nose to wake up the scent once again. I find myself doing both, I can't get enough of it. Again, it might just be my flawed technique but I am not entirely happy with the throat drip/scratch. Having a bottle of water ready to flush it away is something I do recommend, at least for some of us. It was advertised as a high nicotine snuff and to my surprise - because it never happened to me with any other snuff - I got this nicotine "lump in the throat", which I have only ever experienced when smoking a pipe. This is a very exciting snuff on many levels.

    In any case, this snuff is absolutely worth the price and it is definitely in my top 5 favourites so far.
  • What's in Your Nose? #12

    SWS MULL of Oa
  • What's in Your Nose? #12

    Toque Whiskey & Honey
  • Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown

    SG KB Plain: Deep, dark, moist and....plain. Well fermented and no additional scenting.

    SG KB Original: Same as Plain with subtle citrus and floral notes; faint note of baby powder

    SG KB Special: Very slighted scented in a natural way. Can't put my finger on it, but very nice.

    F&T KB: WTF? Finer mill than SG and lighter color. And holy crap is this one scented! Big bold citrus, florals and perfume. Not bad, but not my cup of tea, so to speak.

    WoS KB: Much the same beast as F&T, difficult to differentiate, perhaps more of a violet, geranium, lavender presence.

    GH KB: Nice. Plain, unscented, not as deep or dark as the SG line-up, but damn good. My favorite of the bunch.

    Viking Brown: Similar to SG KB Plain finer mill lighter color

    Snuff Store Black Magic: relabeled Viking Dark

    I enjoyed this. I will never do it again. Best left a fond memory.