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  • Makeshift tap-boxes

    @juxtaposer Sure snuff bottles are cheap and authentic, but where's the fun in that? While I have plenty of snuff containers that were built and intended solely for that purpose, I also have a survivalist/McGyver impulse that often needs to be fed.
  • What's in Your Nose? #12

    Lundy foot

    You guys are awesome! Thanks
  • Celsen's leafless wonder!!!

    My friends, I just made something mind blowing, a moment of boredom led to a great experience (buzz), I don't know if its safe but I'm still alive and breathing.

    I took 40g dehydrated/crushed tobacco leafs.

    20g of crushed espresso coffee beans.

    2g of calcium hydroxide (slaked lime)

    120ml distilled water.

    Place water, tobacco, coffee and calcium hydroxide in a pot, boil on a the lowest heat possible with lid on for 1 hour. (but I think the longer the better just keep adding more water if it gets to thick) this was my first attempt.

    Drain the liquid trough the finest sieve you can find (I used the screen inside my coffee maker/percolator)

    Place liquid back into the pot on the lowest heat setting on your stove, let all the moisture evaporate until you are left with a rock hard substance.

    Leave it to cool down, place your tool for chiseling the residue of the bottom of the pot inside the pot, put a plastic bag over the pot( otherwise the fragments will fly all over the place) and chisel away.

    Take the fragments and put it in a ball mill (I use a big plastic bottle with 10 ball bearings in it).

    Shake the bottle(or put it in your ball mill) until you are left with a substance similar to instant coffee, I made mine as fine as Mc crystal snuff, make sure it stays dry at all times, and put it thru a fine sieve, and enjoy.

    Beware the backdrop!!! And if you try this, please tell me what you think.
  • Poll Request Thread

    I'd like a poll about: What's you're favourite unflavoured/natural snuff?
  • Snuffhouse Leadership Changes

    Snuffhouse is pleased to announce that @Skell18 and @Justin are both now moderators. Please give them consideration as they adjust to their new duties. Also special thank you to everyone that applied for the mod position, your enthusiasm and dedication to this forum are truly appreciated.
    The two new lads should give us the help and skills we need so that @cstokes4 can get the time off that he needs.
  • How old are you?

    1 month away from becoming an "official" senior citizen. (1948)
  • What's In Your Mailbox #4

    Within the last few days...

    400g Toque Natural toast
    100g Toque Almond toast
    200g HDT
    100g IHT 22
    50g Lundy foot
  • Beginners Advice

    My big tip would be not to neglect the plain/natural snuffs. Stuff like Kendal Brown (one of the Gawiths'), most of the Viking line, Black Rappee, any Toast, South African snuffs, etc. etc.

    There's great scented stuff out there but the plain snuffs are the most interesting IMO. With a scented snuff you can say "oh it smells like sandalwood and musk" but with plain snuffs you're just experiencing the tobacco itself which is indescribable and not something you smell in ordinary life. That makes the plain snuffs magic to me.
  • What's In Your Mailbox #4

    My Mr.Snuff order came in I got

    Abraxas St. Casura 25g x5